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Client Testimonials

Amanda Morgan is by far the most outstanding facilitator I have had the fortunate opportunity to experience. She is highly skilled in working through very complex issues with groups as well as designing and delivering creative, innovative and impactful processes that result in sustainable change.


She delivers on commitments, demonstrates exceptional emotional intelligence and is one of the most personable and professional organizational effectiveness consultants in the business.

She's the best!!!

Evelyn C. Taylor 
Manager, Organizational and Human Resource Strategies
Hamilton Sundstrand

Amanda is a collaborative partner, and has helped us design effective programs that contributed towards our business goals. She brings enthusiasm and energy to the classroom - participants enjoy the experience.


Jackie Cardillo
New York Presbyterian Hospital

Amanda Morgan is a phenomenal trainer. As she teaches, she models every point that she teaches in her Presentation Skills classes and is also superb at providing feedback to participants. In one day, participants report seeing significant improvement in their abilities to deliver effective, organized presentations with solid body language and with minimal nervousness.

We have used Amanda Morgan in an open enrollment setting for her off-the-shelf Presentation Skills programs, and she has also customized these classes for several of our specific client groups. In both situations, Amanda has been extremely effective.


Participants leave her one-day classes having made solid improvement on their presentation skills. Amanda makes this happen by providing powerful learning in a safe environment with a healthy amount of individualized feedback. She is a true treasure!


Leslie Wilson
Manager Professional Skills Development
Leading Global Investment Bank

Amanda had provided enormous help both to me personally as well as to my company. As a personal coach, she has helped me establish more productive work habits and to become a more effective leader. As a coach to my management team, she has helped my management staff learn to communicate better with their peers, be better mentors to their direct reports, and take responsibility when bringing issues to senior management. She provides unique insight when advising on challenging business situations, and can provide direct assistance when facilitating difficult meetings. Amanda has extraordinary skills in helping to bring out the best in the people she coaches.


Peter Dolch

Amanda is extremely effective in developing our employees. I often receive feedback from participants praising her style and expertise - some even request to only participate classes that she is teaching!


Learning Partner

​Leading Global Financial Services firm

Amanda Morgan helped me to get clear on what I really wanted out of life, gave me practices to let go of thought patterns that did not serve my greater goals, and created a structure that allowed me to be powerful and practice in all areas of my life. When I look at my dream list of ten goals I set forth for myself in June 1999, I am astounded that all 10 have been fulfilled. Now I know that anything is possible in my life.


Arnie Herz

Amanda and her team inspire trust. Their careful needs analysis, exceptional design, and high-touch service resulted in effective and engaging leadership programs.


Theresa Moore
Director Talent Development

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