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Amanda Morgan

Amanda Morgan is the Founder, Owner and Chief Consultant of Morgan Training and Coaching LLC, a consulting firm specializing in leadership development, corporate training and executive coaching. For the past nineteen years, Amanda has worked with a myriad of global, Fortune 100 financial services and insurance companies, as well as esteemed non-profit organizations in the academia, social services and healthcare sectors. Included among Amanda’s prominent client list are Goldman Sachs, UBS, Deutsche Bank, Citibank, New York Life Insurance Company, Renaissance Reinsurance (RenRe), New York Presbyterian (NYP) Hospital/Cornell Medical Center and The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Organizations and individuals alike have reaped extraordinary benefits from Amanda’s collaborative efforts and multi-faceted work over the years.

As a learning and development consultant, Amanda works with senior business leaders and human resources executives to strategically build and plan enterprise-wide leadership development programs. She conducts in-depth organizational and team assessments to understand the unique culture, dynamics and challenges that exist in order to develop the most appropriate solutions. Amanda takes a highly integrated approach to development and focuses on designing and delivering high-impact training workshops that fuel superior performance, accelerate professional growth and unlock individual potential.


As an executive coach, Amanda works one-on-one with senior leaders requiring a more personalized, targeted approach to development. Her counsel is often retained by those seeking to heighten their executive presence, visibility and influence, and improve their ability to navigate through the political structure of organizations. She also works extensively with high potentials in improving their readiness to advance to the next level of success. Amanda’s unique ability to establish immediate rapport and develop meaningful relationships with business leaders opens the lines of communication and collaboration, further enabling the learning and development process and leading to long-term client engagements. Additionally, her expertise is often times leveraged to support larger organizational efforts in driving significant change and cultural transformations.

Regardless of the scope of the project, Amanda remains focused on the customized strategies for her individual clients. She is passionate and genuinely committed to helping organizations deliver extraordinary results through their people and enabling individuals to attain their professional development and career objectives. Amanda is an ultimate authority on aligning talent development initiatives with the overall business strategy, and designing and leading highly dynamic, interactive training workshops. Her strong, credible executive presence and expert facilitation skills enable her to immediately connect with participants and positively influence training outcomes for maximum impact. Amanda is dedicated to keeping abreast of the most current industry research and trends, and continually taps into her an extensive network of peers to ensure that her clients benefit from the latest and most innovative learning and development practices.

Throughout her career, Amanda has been acclaimed for her extraordinary work in women's leadership. She has developed and facilitated numerous empowerment programs, equipping executive women with the necessary skills and encouragement for continued success and advancement in the workplace. Earlier in her practice, Amanda served as a Senior Leadership Trainer and Coach for various global consulting organizations, many of which she continues to partner with today. She also spent several years coaching celebrity clientele on media relations, public appearances and interview preparation.

Prior to founding Morgan Training and Coaching LLC, Amanda spent six years as a Global Training and Organizational Development Consultant with the SYDA Foundation, a global, diversified non-profit foundation with charitable and educational functions in 650 subsidiaries. She also worked for Rubenstein Public Relations, where she was an Account Executive and served as the PR manager and spokesperson for the New York City Marathon and the New York Road Runners Club. Amanda graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Counseling from New York University, earning the Founder's Day Award for Highest Honors. Later, she also received a certification in Public Relations from New York University and earned advanced coaching credentials through Corporate Coach U. Amanda currently resides on the upper west side of Manhattan with her husband and two children.

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