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What We Do

Leadership Development Program Design

Our high-impact leadership programs incorporate a full spectrum of proven best practices and research based methods that take learning to a whole new level. Through a unique blend of action-based learning strategies, 360 feedback, classroom training, peer coaching and mentor assignments, we develop and plan a customized approach that stretches individual capabilities, pushing leaders in new and challenging directions.

Training Class Design and Facilitation

Whether you are looking to create a more robust, structured learning curriculum or offer select training classes, we can help you assess and define your specific needs and develop the appropriate strategy that will enable you to accomplish your objectives.


Training Class Design - Our extensive training class portfolio encompasses a myriad of skills imperative for success in today’s competitive business environment and is constantly evolving as our clients’ needs grow and change. An example of some of our training expertise includes, but is not limited to building critical competencies in the following areas: communication/presentations, influencing, interpersonal savvy, adaptive leadership, coaching and conflict management. We encourage you to view our comprehensive list of course offerings in our current training portfolio.  We also design new training workshops based on our client’s most pressing needs.


High-Impact Training Sessions – Our incisive and interactive training workshops inspire and engage participants by teaching them new skills and providing practical techniques for putting their new knowledge into action.


Executive Coaching

Our highly engaging, one-on-one executive coaching sessions offer the perfect solution to those leaders who are in need of more personalized, targeted development. Whether they are looking to hone their skills in a specific area or improve their capacity to lead others to success, we can provide them with the direction and encouragement to improve their personal leadership effectiveness and heighten their overall level of influence and impact in the organization.  


Morgan Training and Coaching’s successful track record speaks for itself. In each of our practice areas, we are proud of the observable and measurable improvements each of our clients has realized and the high ROI that our development strategies have delivered.  We invite you to review our client testimonials to see the impact we’ve had on our clients and the impressive outcomes that they have achieved through our collaborative efforts.


Call us today to learn more about how we can work together to achieve your objectives and deliver extraordinary results.  

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