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We will help determine your training needs.

High-Impact Training Workshops

At Morgan Training and Coaching, we design and facilitate a wide variety of training workshops for both organizational leaders and professionals that teach new skills, build individual capabilities and drive better performance. Since many of our training topics benefit leaders at all levels and individuals in non-management positions, each of our workshops can be tailored for learners at various stages of their career development and customized to meet your audiences unique needs.

Unsure of where you’d like to focus and the current skill gaps that exist within your organization?

We can also help you to conduct an in-depth needs analysis to determine the most critical development areas for maximum ROI.

Our dynamic workshops are highly interactive and incorporate a broad spectrum of concepts, learning models, case studies, practical tips and invaluable techniques that can be easily translated and applied to real work situations.


Outlined below is a sample listing of our training workshops, which can be offered as part of an ongoing open enrollment curriculum or a targeted development program for specific teams. To learn more about each of the topics below, contact us today.​

Leadership Skills Training

  • People/Team Leadership

  • Coaching for Leaders

  • Leading High Potentials: Optimizing Performance and Potential

  • Motivating Others and Inspiring Action

  • Leading On-the-Job Development

  • Writing and Administering Performance Reviews

  • Providing Continuous, High-Impact Feedback

  • Addressing and Managing Performance Issues

  • Managing Work Styles: Improving Interpersonal Effectiveness

  • Setting Goals for Extraordinary Performance

  • Top-Notch Teamwork

  • Candidate Selection: Behavior-Based Interviewing

  • Management Onboarding: Ensuring Successful Transitions

Leadership: Personal Effectiveness

  • Individual Development Planning: Taking Charge of Your Own Development

  • The Art of Thinking on Your Feet: Communicating Professionally

  • Situational Leadership

  • Powerful Presentations

  • Effective Meeting Facilitation

  • Agreements, Confrontations and Conflict Management

  • Influencing People and Business Outcomes

  • Organizational Savvy: Navigating Effectively Through Organizations

  • The Power of Adaptability

Business/Organizational Leadership

  • Strategic Thinking

  • Strategic Visioning

  • Project Management

  • Building Effective Business Cases

  • Planning and Driving Execution for Results

  • Organizational Impact

  • Change Management

  • Powerful Negotiations

  • Effective Decision Making

  • Creative Problem Solving

Professional Skills Training

  • Internal/External Customer Service

  • Communicating with Impact

  • Prioritization and Time Management

  • Email Etiquette

  • Influencing Without Authority

  • Heightening Emotional Intelligence

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